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GPL Download – Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce is an Addon for Admins Columns Pro. Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon allows you to manage WooCommerce products a lot faster with added columns for products and orders.

Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon Features :

1. Better Product Insights

With Admin Columns Pro you can have all the relevant product information on a single screen.

By default, the products page contains little information about your products: it shows the name, SKU, stock, and price. Admin Columns allow you to fully customize the products list table by adding meaningful columns which will display ANY piece of product data.

2. Easier Product Management

Finding the right products is key for managing your shop. You can now filter and sort products and almost any product data.

Another great feature is inline editing. This allows you to update your content quickly. Do not waste time opening the product edit page in order to make changes. This is unnecessarily time-consuming. You can update products right from the products list table.

It’s a huge time saver when managing your inventory.

3. Better Customer Insights

With Admin Columns Pro you can have all the relevant user information on a single screen.

Admin Columns allow you to fully customize the user’s page by adding meaningful columns which will display relevant User information for your WooCommerce webshop.

4. Better User Management

With Admin Columns Pro you can directly update any user information by using inline edit.

Updating user information can be tedious because you have to open each user profile page, find the right field, and repeat the process for other users. With our inline editing feature, you can make all your changes from a single page. A real-time saver. It supports every user profile field, including custom user data.

5. Export Customers

Export WooCommerce customers to a CSV file with a push of a button.

The reason to export customers is usually the need to import them into other software that is not connected with WordPress. The challenge is always to format your content in such a way that other software understands it. Luckily, CSV (Comma-separated values) is one of the most well-supported ways to do that: it formats content using columns and rows. And very conveniently, this is much like the overview screen itself.

6. Better Order Insights

Admin Columns allow you to fully customize the orders page by adding columns that will display relevant Order information for your WooCommerce webshop.

7. Better Order Management

With Admin Columns Pro you can sort and filter your orders in a useful way.

Find the right orders by sorting and filtering. In this example, we filter our orders by “Currency” and a particular “Product SKU”.

8. Export Orders

All orders can be exported to a CSV file. The data will be exported exactly as the orders are sorted and/or filtered.

9. Increase Shop Profits

Product and order management is an essential part of running an online store, however, these tasks are also boring and time-consuming.

Admin Columns significantly reduces the time you spend editing products and orders and makes the process of finding information quicker. This leaves you with a lot more time to focus on tasks that improve your store’s bottom line.

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