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Astra Premium Starter Templates With Original License

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Note: This exclusive product with the original license is not a part of any membership plan, we have limited licenses available and after that, it will be discontinued until we further invest.

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Astra is a WordPress theme that combines speed, style, and adaptable features for a user’s preferred website layouts. Businesses, blogs, portfolios, biographies, WooCommerce stores, restaurants, and other types of websites can all use Astra.

It includes websites with ready-made pages, saving you time that you may devote to other aspects of your website. Without utilizing coding, demo designs are easily customizable. Incredibly flexible possibilities are available with Astra.

You can create a website exactly how you want it, including removing page names, and sidebars, and changing the width of your page. The pace of Astra distinguishes it from other themes. Its speed is so much faster than other themes available on the market.

The header, archives, pages, footer, sidebar, articles, blogs, and other layout elements of Astra may all be customized. It also comes with pre-built SEO components. Colors, fonts, text, and even meta can all be customized. WordPress theme Astra doesn’t need jQuery.

This means that performance optimization is not hampered by render blocking. Astra utilizes Vanilla JavaScript as an alternative. While other organizations average approximately 300 KBs, it is so light that the quantity of resources is less than 50 KB.

Astra received a speed grade of 100 percent from Pingdom, 95 percent from Google DEV, and 91 percent from YSlow (according to data the Astra team provided).

Astra effortlessly integrates WooCommerce, which is particularly advantageous for anyone looking to create an online store (see best WooCommerce plugins). It offers a wealth of special features that might make your brand idea a reality.

What Is Astra Pro?

The WordPress repository offers the free theme Astra for WordPress. The premium add-on for the Astra theme is called Astra Pro. Additional functionality and customization choices are available in the pro edition.

Astra Sites is a different plugin by Astra that works in conjunction with Astra Pro. Astra Sites provides a variety of prefabricated websites that come with functional pages and ready-to-use visuals.

The free version of the lightweight, quick WordPress theme Astra comes with a number of customizability options.

It includes more sophisticated capabilities that make it possible to construct and personalise your website in a distinctive way without changing or adding a single line of code. Although it has a lot of sophisticated capabilities, each one is provided as a distinct module.

Features of theme Astra :

One of the things that people want to have complete control over is fonts and typography. There are plenty of fonts available thanks to the fully integrated 700+ Google fonts and the free Custom Fonts plugin.

With a wide range of extra transformation choices, including Text Transform for headings, the font size in PX or EM as you like, and other typography settings, it is simple to manage typography size by the device to provide full responsiveness.

Astra Pro has a feature that allows users to enable site layouts, giving them the choice to select between Boxed, Full Width, Max Width, Padded, and Fluid layouts. Using margins and padding around items, spacing can also be modified to meet user needs.

Customers may preview your products using Quick Glimpse without visiting a new page, preventing cookies and speed degradations while still receiving a clear view of your product details.

By using a straightforward “drag and drop” method to add variants to the filters in your sidebars, the Widget Optimized tool works hand in glove with the sidebars to help you optimise your page.

Visitors can load products as they scroll down and interact dynamically with your showcase by using Infinite Scroll.

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Astra Premium Starter Templates With Original License
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frequently asked question about PRODUCT license

Yes! The licenses are the same that you purchase directly from the developers.

If you want to buy multiple licenses for multiple years then get in touch with us. We will get this done. Email us at or create a support ticket.

As many licences as you require can be purchased. There are no limitations on this from our end. For instance, if you require this license for two websites, set the amount to two on the cart page.  It's quite easy.


You should submit a new order for the new domain separately if you don't want to raise the amount quantity in a single order.

If we are online and you give the website details on time, we will activate your license within one to two hours of purchase, though this is frequently much sooner. It might take longer in some circumstances, such as when you order after midnight or on the weekends, which is evident.

No, In most of the cases domain name can’t be changed. You have to stick with the domain name for which you have bought the license. In special cases, we might consider your domain change request. You can always create a support ticket with your reason and will definitely help you the best way.

Do not panic if you lose your license for any reason. Simply open a support case in your My Account section and provide us your temporary login information; when we are online, we will immediately activate it for you.

We have taken the developer plans which gives us the freedom to use the license on multiple sites. That’s why we are giving it to people in need like new bloggers and web developers at such a low cost as they can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars in their beginning phase.

Be aware that you have to provide us with temporary login details in order to activate the license on your site. This is required 1 time only.


Once purchased open a support ticket from your dashboard and provide us with temporary login details to get the license activated.


Rest assured, it hardly takes 2 minutes when we are online.

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100% original files from developers without advertising, viruses or malicious code. All of the products on the site are purchased directly from the developers, rather than being downloaded from other websites. Our development team creates the activated versions, and the files do not move via "third hands," so you can be sure you're getting the actual product!

New products and latest versions

We acquire and install new premium WordPress GPL themes and GPL plugins on a regular basis. Every 2-3 days, we also check all updates and add the most recent product versions. Please contact us if you can't locate the latest version of the product on the site.

Affordable price

Our prices are significantly lower than those of developers. You have the possibility to get a high-quality goods at a low cost!

Technical support

If you have any difficulty installing, configuring, or using the product, we will provide competent technical help. Our technical support team is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an average response time of one business day.

Secure payments

All of the payment gateways we accept (Stripe, PayPal and Razorpay) are PCI DSS certified. If the product you downloaded does not work properly and our technical assistance is unable to assist you, we will offer you full refund.

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We've been working successfully since 2018. GPLDOWNLOAD has over 30,000 consumers and growing that pick us and purchase our items. Join today!

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All digital products on the website are released under the GNU General Public License in their entirety.

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Astra Premium Starter Templates With Original License UPDATES & SUPPORT

  • We offer regular updates from the date of purchase depending upon your membership plan. After your plan has expired, you have to purchase the item again to receive further updates, we also offer lifetime updates as an alternate option.
  • The products are updated as soon as we are notified about an update, we go and download it from the author and update it on our site, but In case the current version of the product is not the latest, You can request an update for the product from the request update section.
  • We send regular emails advising when products have been updated so please be sure to provide an active email address when you sign up. You can also choose to receive your purchased product updates while checking out.
  • Our support team is available 24/7, if you have any questions or need help in installing or configuring digital products purchased on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Please note that we are not developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited. We do not change product functionality and do not fix developer bugs.
  • For more information please read FAQ & About Us.

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Astra Premium Starter Templates With Original License
Astra Premium Starter Templates With Original License


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