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Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress 2.0.3

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Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress Features

  • Mobile & tablet supported. – Lumise can run on mobile and tablet devices, which are popular with customers. Your website can get the order from any device.
  • 3400+ Cliparts – Lumise clipart were selected and created from the best quality and fit with trending. Easily find them via categories and tags.
  • Flexible edit zone – Lumise helps you select an edit zone easily by mouse actions. You can set the radius of the area also.
  • Specially cart to work with any system.
  • Lumise provides a separate cart system, in which you can add an item and edit them, then your cms will handle other steps at checkout.
  • Multi-languages – Lumise supports language switching. All languages were controlled and translated automatically from the admin panel, and you can put your translated text there.
  • Right-to-left support – For some languages, it requires view layout must be from right to left for reading mode. Louise helps you control it easily from the Settings tab in the admin panel with one click.
  • Power product attributes. – Lumise supports full attributes for a product. Your customer easily controls and enters data with highly arrange fields.
  • Text effect – Make text more curve, fisheye effect, oblique, and convexo-concave are some of the many things you can do with text.
  • Crop/Editable photos – Whatever your object is, Lumise has many methods to make them more personalized. Crop images, highlight objects by filtering colors, and effects, or even remove background as well.
  • Mask layers
  • Export/import designs – Your customers can export designs and import them from another device to continue work on or checkout. Really flexibility!
  • Fill Color – With some object such as shape, image, or text. The Fill Color helps users fill a solid color with that objects.
  • Transform Manual – When using the transform tool directly, it is hard to know how many angles are rotated or flipped. The Lumise provides a manual way to set transform values for a layer.
  • Easily integrate – Purchase, download then install and change the setting. What are the simple steps you just need to do with Lumise? For other actions, let Lumise handles them for you.
  • Integrate separately without losing your store data.
  • Lumise runs separately from your system, so it does not affect your content and current data. Product and order were managed via the admin panel of Lumise as well.
  • Custom App color – Personalizing the app style for your site is the thing you need to do after purchase. The Lumise support color is selected for both frontend and backend styles.
  • Custom fonts – If an application does not support custom font, it really big mistake. Of course, Lumise is not one of them. You can add custom font files to your system easily via the Fonts Manager on the admin panel.
  • 300+ Prebuild Templates – Our designers built high-quality templates that are ready for use. Help your customers get more ideas or just use and place an order. Templates are increased more in the future.
  • Ultimate printing calculates – Price based on some text, color, or clipart. There are the most popular calculations for printing services; we are it all as well. It is easy for you to config them.
  • Set pre-template for product – For selling quickly, you can create a template and assign it to a product. Your users just need to select other values for attributes and then purchase the product.
  • Social media & Cliparts Online Stocks – Are you worried about the clipart resource? Let us handle that for you, you can do other things you love. There is more than 2+ resource clipart for your customers who can use Pixabay and Openclipart with more than 120k+ items. Amazing stocks!. Your customer can get there already images from social accounts also. We support Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Amazing Product Switcher – Easy to change other products with the same design or create a new one. All product attributes as refreshed after selection.
  • High UI/UX – Lumise works as an application, friendly in use. We are a theme provider before, so we know what is best for customers. Let’s rock with Lumise!
  • Support multi-product type – Whatever your product, just have a place for print then Lumise can apply a print area for that product. Phone cases, sticks, mugs, posters… Lumise can handle all of them.
  • Drawing tool – Visual art with Drawing is an advanced feature for people who want to have a unique design on their object.
  • Undo/Redo – Working on an app that looks like an application on the desktop is the perfect point to attract your customers. With Lumise you can redo/undo all actions once designed.
  • Background removal – Lumise helps customers remove background images to highlight the main info instead of a square white/black box when inserting images…
  • Filters effects – Lumise Filter is a versatile tool for making local adjustments to your photos. The filters are named after a type of filter used for making skies darker in landscape photography, but its uses go far beyond that.
  • QR code – Personalizing the design with a QR code is not a bad idea. Customers’ friend easily gets their message with a small phone support QR code scanner.
  • Auto Snap – When you move a shape or layers, it will align or “snap to” the nearest intersection of lines in center points, even if the grid is not visible, or snap to other images or layers.
  • Position Manual – When you want to place layers into the bottom-right corner or make a center position, It takes you some seconds to do that. But with the Layer Position tool, layers are placed in the correct position with one click.
  • Design ready to print after checkout – Lumise supports multi-output for printing such as PDF, SVG, JSON, PNG… All of them are rendered with high quality and compatibility with all printing devices.
  • Smart product attributes – Do you need an option for the product? Let’s try the attributes manager of Lumise; you can select a multi-size for a product or more attribute types such as dropdown, radio, multi-checkbox even file upload.
  • Custom shapes – Shapes are added via the admin panel with SVG content supported. You can preview it after adding it to the system.
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Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress 2.0.3
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HOW TO INSTALL Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress 2.0.3

The plugin installation can be done with two methods. The first method is the direct update method and is the easiest one because you don't require any additional plugin. We will be covering both the methods step-by-step.

Method 1 - Updating Without Plugin

Method 1 - Updating With Plugin

First, install and activate this plugin – Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades, then follow the below steps below:

Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress 2.0.3 UPDATES & SUPPORT

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  • For more information please read FAQ & About Us.

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Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress 2.0.3
Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress 2.0.3


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