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Note: This exclusive product with the original license is not a part of any membership plan, we have limited licenses available and after that, it will be discontinued until we further invest.

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WP Rocket is a premium WordPress plugin that aims to make WordPress performance optimization a lot simpler by giving you all the tools you need to speed up your WordPress site in one user-friendly package.

  • WP Rocket is a caching and website performance-enhancing WordPress plugin that can greatly increase the speed and other essential web metrics of your website.
  • It is a premium plugin, thus you must pay for it in order to use it on your website. There isn’t a demo or free version accessible. (There is, however, a 14-day refund policy.)
    Only websites using WordPress can use it.
  • WP Rocket provides the same functionality as other cache plugins, including caching, website code minification, and more, however it doesn’t do anything by default.
  • However, this plugin’s simplicity, which is something that many cache plugins lack, is its best feature.
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to use this plugin’s settings to get it to function flawlessly for your website.Therefore, WP Rocket is a great option if you’re a guy like me who wants to construct his website quick without having to deal with the burden of learning how to put things up.


Some major features of WP Rocket plugin are

  • Comprehensive instructions, tutorials, and videos to get you started
    You could configure this caching plugin appropriately with the help of the many instructions provided by WP Rocket. You must first go to your plugin’s dashboard where you can find the tutorials on the right to access the tutorials and documentation.
  • 80% optimizationJust after installation on your WordPress website, WP Rocket immediately completes 80% of your website speed optimization. Therefore, it would speed up your website even if you hadn’t adjusted any of the parameters. And for this reason, I give WP Rocket such a high rating in this evaluation.Following installation, WP rocket immediately activates the following features:

    Caching for both pages and browsers is immediately activated. It initiates GZip compression automatically, which will help your website’s HTML pages load faster. Additionally, cache preloading is initiated automatically. This makes your website more user-friendly and quick.
    The purchase process won’t be impacted by page caching because e-commerce optimization is enabled.

Contemporary media optimization
If not properly optimised, media features on your blog, such as photographs, videos, and graphics, can drastically slow down your website.

Because they are aware of this, WP Rocket has included comprehensive media optimization settings in their plugin.

It speeds up your website and helps you correctly optimise the graphics.

All of the media settings that WP Rocket offers are listed below:

  • For videos, iframes, and pictures, use lazyload.
  • Swap out YouTube iframes for sample pictures
  • Fills in the empty image dimensions
  • Turn on WebP caching.


  • Cache plugin for e-commerce websites that works best
    Increasing e-commerce speed is one of the most difficult jobs to complete. First, there are many product pages on e-commerce websites, making it challenging to clear the cache for every single one of them. Additionally, caching may lead to issues during the purchasing process. What if, however, I told you that there is a plugin that can solve both of these issues and speed up your eCommerce website?
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WP Rocket Exclusive Deal with Original License
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frequently asked question about PRODUCT license

Yes! The licenses are the same that you purchase directly from the developers.

If you want to buy multiple licenses for multiple years then get in touch with us. We will get this done. Email us at admin@gpldownload.com or create a support ticket.

As many licences as you require can be purchased. There are no limitations on this from our end. For instance, if you require this license for two websites, set the amount to two on the cart page.  It's quite easy.


You should submit a new order for the new domain separately if you don't want to raise the amount quantity in a single order.

If we are online and you give the website details on time, we will activate your license within one to two hours of purchase, though this is frequently much sooner. It might take longer in some circumstances, such as when you order after midnight or on the weekends, which is evident.

No, In most of the cases domain name can’t be changed. You have to stick with the domain name for which you have bought the license. In special cases, we might consider your domain change request. You can always create a support ticket with your reason and will definitely help you the best way.

Do not panic if you lose your license for any reason. Simply open a support case in your My Account section and provide us your temporary login information; when we are online, we will immediately activate it for you.

We have taken the developer plans which gives us the freedom to use the license on multiple sites. That’s why we are giving it to people in need like new bloggers and web developers at such a low cost as they can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars in their beginning phase.

Be aware that you have to provide us with temporary login details in order to activate the license on your site. This is required 1 time only.


Once purchased open a support ticket from your dashboard and provide us with temporary login details to get the license activated.


Rest assured, it hardly takes 2 minutes when we are online.

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  • We offer regular updates from the date of purchase depending upon your membership plan. After your plan has expired, you have to purchase the item again to receive further updates, we also offer lifetime updates as an alternate option.
  • The products are updated as soon as we are notified about an update, we go and download it from the author and update it on our site, but In case the current version of the product is not the latest, You can request an update for the product from the request update section.
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  • For more information please read FAQ & About Us.

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WP Rocket Exclusive Deal with Original License
WP Rocket Exclusive Deal with Original License


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